Hunting Stories – The Highlight of My Holiday Get Togethers

Hunting Stories Connect Us

My family and I love the holidays. It’s a great time to get together and reflect on the past year and all of it’s ups and downs. We talk about the kids and how they have grown. We remember the loved ones that are gone and tell old stories. But the theme that is constant in so many of our stories old and new is hunting.

Our families, both my wife’s and mine, enjoy the outdoors and the lifestyle it offers. We all connect as we talk about the challenges of the previous hunting season and the successes. Everyone gets to be part of the conversation. My dad always remember a story or two from years past that relates to a current conversation about a hunt. The community and fellowship is a great atmosphere to be part of.

Planning for Next Year

This time also offers a great opportunity to talk about next years hunts. My brothers and I will plan the coming year and talk about the places we would like to explore. Our wife’s remind us that we need to include some quality family time also. Some of our wives make sure we plan for them to join us.

We talk about what hunts we are planning for the kids. Turkey and bear hunts in the spring are great opportunities to get our kids out there and enjoy some spring camping together.

Part of the discussion is the draw odds for special hunts and what tags we are considering applying for in the coming year. We talk about the success of others and the opportunities that may be available.

Don’t Waste Another Year

Have you thought about learning how to hunt. Are you looking back at the previous year wishing you had some hunting stories of your own to share? Did you try your hand at hunting and just never felt confident in your skills. Let us help you change that.

Greenhorn Hunting was created for you. We are breaking down hunting to a simple ABC system that takes away the intimidation of learning how to hunt.

You can learn to hunt. I will help you find places where you live to access great hunting opportunities. You can teach your kids the value of the hunting lifestyle or even learn right along with them.

If you are ready to learn how to hunt or you want to grow your skills as a hunter, connect with Greenhorn Hunting.

We are not about finding the biggest animal. We are about building a lifetime of memories.

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