Choosing a Hunting Rifle – 2 Things You Should Consider First

Choosing a Hunting Rifle

It can be overwhelming when you try to understand all the different guns and the purpose they were designed to accomplish. But when you know what it is you plan to hunt, you will realize that finding the right hunting rifle for the hunt can be simple.

I personally only own guns that I use in the field and each one has a purpose. My 12 gauge shotgun works very well for turkey, ducks, grouse and doves. My 300 Winchester Magnum is all I need for hunting big game animals like whitetail deer, elk, moose and goat. My .22 caliber long rifle is great for squirrel and regular target practice.

You Will Need to Choose a Rifle

Find the firearm that will work best for your hunting situation. Talk with other hunters and gun experts. Talk to folks at the shooting range or sporting goods stores. I’m sure you will get many differing opinions.

My first suggestion is to find a rifle that fits you. It needs to be a size that you can pack comfortably all day. You should be able to support it when you place it against your shoulder for an extended period of time. Weight and length of a rifle are important when it comes time to make the shot. Don’t try to use a rifle that is to big for you. This will create a real gun handling danger if you can’t manage your firearm with easy. The size of the rifle is an important consideration.

Next consider the caliber of the rifle. The caliber should fit you and the animal you plan to hunt. What I mean is, you need to shoot a caliber large enough to kill the animal you are hunting quickly without recoiling so hard you find yourself anticipating the shot and jerking the trigger. If you are not shooting your rifle comfortably because the recoil startles you, than you may need a different rifle or some shooting exercises. You will never shoot with the accuracy you are capable of until you shoot a rifle that fits you and is comfortable to shoot.

If you need help making a decision on what gun to buy and would like my advice, you can contact me anytime. I will be glad to offer suggestions based on your specific needs.

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