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Are you part of the growing population that wants to learn how to hunt but doesn’t have a teacher or mentor?

Is something inside of you desiring to explore the outdoor hunting world, but you can’t find a consistent resource of information about how to get started?

Have you been hunting for a couple years and you are getting discouraged because you haven’t harvested a deer yet?

Well  don’t give up, I’m here to help. So let me introduce myself.

My name is Roscoe Hix and I grew up and still live in the heart of Idaho. I have been hunting and enjoying the outdoor lifestyle for over 40 years. I am a God loving, father, husband, friend and outdoor mentor. I teach hunter education and outdoor life skills. When you connect here with me, you will have access to all of the years of experience that this life has given me. Now let  me tell you about this hunting community you have found.

Welcome to GreenhornHunting.com where our mission is to educate, inform and produce knowledgeable ethical hunters in our quest to promote and grow the sport of hunting.

As a hunter education instructor I am constantly being ask for information about where to go hunting, how do I pick out a rifle, what should I wear when I hunt, and many other beginner and new hunter questions. So Greenhorn Hunting is my answer to helping this growing group of future and beginning hunters.

When you connect with me here you will learn to hunt. I share great stories and teach you how to capture your dream of being a successful hunter.  I have not experienced every opportunity in the world of hunting, but I love to learn and then in turn teach. So whatever it is about the great hunting lifestyle that puzzles you or challenges you, please don’t hesitate to ask.

If you are feeling intimidated and don’t think you can be successful as a hunter, let me help you change that. If you need a little advice and guidance to finally harvest that buck deer, you have found help.

So why waste any more time? If you are looking for a hunting mentor like Greenhornhunting.com, stayed connected and learn to be a successful hunter.

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