Idaho Hunter Safety Changes

Do You Need Hunter Safety?

Are you still needing to take Idaho hunter safety?

This recent outbreak of the COVID-19 virus has changed many of our normal life activities. The Idaho Fish and Game has stopped all near future instructor lead hunter safety classes.

This leaves new hunters that want to get their hunter certification now with only one choice. You will need to do an online course. A link to that course is The fee for that course is only $24.50.

Idaho is waving the field day

Typically you would be required to follow up the online hunter education course with a field day, but Idaho is currently waiving that due to the virus outbreak.

Now I have been a hunter education instructor in Idaho for over 10 years and I’m sad to see this be the case. I believe every new hunter should have some formal hands on training to give themselves the confidence and reassurance they have the skills to be a safe hunter.

Kolbys first turkey

Find a good hunting mentor

But after saying that though, I know the number one influence on new hunters is their hunting mentor. So, once someone leaves my class, they are going to follow the example that their hunting mentor sets for them.

So if you know someone needing to take hunter educuation, now would be a great time. Especially if they are part of the individuals that are stuck at home during this uncertain time.

Besides, if you live in Idaho and are needing something to do, at the time of this article, spring bear hunting and turkey hunting are still open in Idaho. Just be respectful of others and keep your social distancing.

If you need help after taking the online Idaho hunter education course, please let me know. I have been a hunting mentor for over 20 years and would enjoy helping you with your hunting challenges.

Learn to Hunt: 10 Steps to Hunting Success

You can get a free copy of my book Learn to Hunt: 10 Steps to Hunting Success and use it as a guide on your journey.

I also have a podcast that covers those steps in greater detail. You can find it on your favorite podcast app by searching for the Greenhorn Hunting Podcast. Or you can click on the Podcast tab above and listen right here on the website.

Listen to my podcast on hunter safety

If you still need to take Idaho hunter safety, you will definitely want to listen to GH-2 Hunter Education: Everything You want to Know. It details out the subjects I cover in my classes.

If you still have questions or need help getting signed up for a class, please send an email to, I’ll be glad to help.