Hunter Safety

Hunter Safety


Welcome to Greenhorn Hunting’s hunter safety course page. If you have not completed a hunter safety course yet, you’re in the right spot. This part of Greenhorn Hunting is designed to help you find and complete your hunter education program.

In most states you can take classes online at your own pace and then complete a field day. This is what most people are finding to be the easiest to meet their busy schedules.

But, if you prefer a classroom setting with a more hands on approach to learning, you may find formal classes in your local area. These classes are usually 12 – 16 hours spread over a week long period.

Regardless of which way you prefer to learn, we have put links on the right side of this page to help you find a hunter safety course in your state. If you are having trouble locating a class that works for you, go to our contact page and send us a quick email. We want to help you solve your new hunter challenges.

Hunter Education Graduation class

Future of Hunting


To promote and build up the sport of hunting, we need safe and aware hunters. When you chose to hunt and act safely in the field and at home, you will be setting the example that many others, including non-hunters, will want to follow. So don’t just take a hunter safety course, but listen and apply it to your life. Then you can set the example that will promote the sport for many years to come.

Something I have said to my students many times. “You don’t know what you don’t know.” How can you be a safe hunter if you don’t know what it means to hunt safely? How can you make ethical decisions if someone has not taught you ethical behavior?

My teaching philosophy is not to tell you what to do, but to provoke you to understand why we do things a certain way. You will find as you follow us on that we give you the information, it is really up to you if you choose to apply it. But the future of hunting is counting on you and me to act in a way that is positive to the sport.

If you need help finding a hunter education program, please Contact Us and we will do our best to help you find classes in your local area.

Why I Teach Hunter Safety


I have been a hunter education instructor for several years and I would like to share my story with you as to why I teach.

Prior to taking my step-son to hunter safety, I had been hunting for over 30 years. I knew I was a safe hunter and responsible gun owner. I was concerned with the ideas the instructor would fill my kids head with. What was he going to teach my son that I couldn’t teach him? Well as they say, “I got schooled!”

As I sat through the class and listened to the instructor share his personal stories and teach the curriculum, I realized how lazy I had become as a sportsman. I started to consider….

How I stored my rifles and ammunition in the home
How I crossed obstacles sometimes with loaded firearms
How I would trust the safety of my firearm in situations when the gun should simply be unloaded
I realized that my habits would become my son’s habits. His choices would more then likely shadow my choices. I wanted my son to be a safe hunter and it was up to me to set the example. I needed to seriously changed some old ways of thinking. So I decided that the best way to be that example was to start teaching hunter safety. Now I have 100’s of students of all ages in the woods keeping me stay accountable.

Now I consciously think about the consequences of how I store my guns, how I cross obstacles and many other decisions I made lackadaisically in the past.