3 Reasons Why People Don’t Hunt

There are three major reasons many people don’t hunt. I will share what those reasons are and how to avoid them.  

Hunting Access

Reason #1 that prevents people from hunting is they lack a place to hunt. As a new hunter you want to be confident that you can legally hunt a piece of land and not worry about trespassing. This is why it is important to learn where you can hunt. I have a video that talks about some of the options available to you.

Sometimes this has a lot to do with where you live. Not every state has an abundance of public land to hunt so you may need to build some relationships with private landowners. But if you live in the western United States, public land is abundant. There are millions of acres that belong to you the citizens of the USA and with a little investigating, you can quickly find a place to hunt.  

One way to assist in finding places to hunt is to purchase a good GPS tool that shows boundary lines and landowner information.

If you have a smartphone I suggest a hunting app called Huntwise. It has a couple of tools that are great for new hunters. I’ll show you all it’s features later, but get a 10% discount when you use the code HW75VEF. If you purchase Huntwise I do receive a small commission, but at no extra cost to you.

Lack of Time

Reason #2 is people believe they don’t have time to go hunting. “It just takes to much time away from the family when I go scouting or shooting.”

Hunting is a lifestyle that lasts all year long. Yes, maybe you only get to hunt 8 days out of the whole year, but you can enjoy the adventure that leads up to those hunting days.

Need to get out of the house for a weekend? Take the family to the place you want to hunt and do some camping/hiking/scouting.

Looking for a family activity to get everyone outside and active? Try a shooting sport like archery or gun shooting and spend weekends together at a shooting event while honing your marksmanship. This builds your shooting confidence and gets you familiar with your hunting weapon.

Lack of Knowledge and Confidence

Reason #3 why people don’t hunt, is a lack of knowledge and confidence when it comes to hunting.  

This is the statement new hunters often say to me. “Will I ever learn everything I need to know.”

We all start somewhere. Nothing is learned without starting at the beginning. So don’t get overwhelmed. Just like you, I started with no knowledge of the hunting lifestyle. Time and effort will make you a skilled and successful hunter. The reward of enjoyment and life experiences is worth all your effort.

One thing I did to shorten your learning curve was to create an e-book that has the steps every hunter needs to take to be successful. If you would like a copy for free, just click here and get your copy of Learn to Hunt.

Don’t let these reasons keep you from hunting.

If you are struggling to find somewhere to hunt, let’s learn about places you can hunt and find you your own little sweet spot.

If time is your challenge, let’s learn to schedule activities such as shooting and scouting. Plan out your hunt time like you do a doctor visit. I promise your soul will thank you for it.

If knowledge and confidence are preventing you from learning to hunt. Then get a copy of Learn to Hunt and start building your knowledge and confidence. And ask questions when you’re stuck or confused. We are here to help you learn and enjoy the hunting lifestyle.