GH 1: Introduction to the Greenhorn Hunting Podcast

Welcome to the Greenhorn Hunting Podcast. This podcast was created with the new and inexperienced hunters in mind. I believe if we don’t intentionally invest time teaching and inviting more people into the lifestyle of hunting, this great tradition will soon fade away.

On today’s podcast, I’ll introduce myself and the mission of Greenhorn Hunting. You will get a feel for my personality and understand what to expect from future podcasts. I’ll also offer a couple of resources that can help guide you through the challenges of hunting if you are struggling to meet your expectations of success.

Whether you are a greenhorn hunter or a veteran hunter, this podcast is your resource to help you experience success in the field and develop true fulfillment by helping others do the same.

If you would like to contact me and ask questions or share your input, you can always email me at

You can visit the website at and find resources and articles that will get you heading in the right direction if you are dealing with the challenges of learning to hunt.

I have written a guide called Learn to Hunt: 10 Steps to Hunting Success. You can get a free copy at These are the steps every hunter must understand before they can truly experience everything the hunting lifestyle can offer.

Lastly, I would like to invite you to join the brand new hunting community we are starting at This group is a safe place to ask questions and share knowledge related to hunting. The focus of this group is to help new and inexperienced hunters, but veteran hunters are encouraged to join and help mentor their fellow hunters.