GH 2: Hunter Education: Everything You want to Know

Today on the podcast you will learn all about hunter education. I’ll take you through what hunter education class is and the subjects you would learn if you attend one of my classes. 

This is meant as an introduction for new “want to be hunters” or anyone just interested in what hunting is all about. You will learn there are several ways to get your hunter education certificate regardless of your learning style or how much time you have available.

I even introduce you to an opportunity to hunt without taking hunter education which may be available in your state or province.

Links Related to today’s podcast 

Get a free copy of Learn to Hunt: 10 Steps to Hunting Success

Learn about the Hunter passport in Idaho

Idaho Hunter Education website

Visit to see options for taking an online class in your state

Get a copy of our Hunt Planner at

Here are two GPS mapping tools that may interest you onXmaps and Huntwise

Video of Elk101 broadhead in leg video

Lastly, I would like to invite you to join the brand new hunting community we are starting at This group is a safe place to ask questions and share knowledge related to hunting. The focus of this group is to help new and inexperienced hunters, but veteran hunters are encouraged to join and help mentor their fellow hunters.