You can scout from your computer!
Watch This and Learn How

You can scout for your next hunt using some great online tools. is a web tool that will help you find out anything you need to know about hunting opportunities in most western states. Designed to help hunters find all the information needed to apply for draw tags or narrow down where they should go on that DIY hunt. Just visit to sign up and begin to get all the benefits of someone else doing the research you don’t have time to do.

Google Earth is a great free tool that will give you some up close understanding of the area you plan to hunt. You can look at the terrain and timber density along with learning about water sources and access points. Don’t overlook the advantage of using Google Earth to help you find pinch points and travel corridors that the animals may be using.

OnXmaps is hunting access in your pocket. With this smartphone application, You can keep yourself from trespassing on someone’s property while finding those secret little spots that no one else will hunt. Don’t miss the hunting opportunities available to you and go check out this app.